Why are Tooth Fillings Necessary for Your Health?

September 01, 2020

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Many people cringe at the idea of having their teeth drilled at the dentist office. Even though this treatment can be uncomfortable, there are some important reasons why you shouldn’t avoid tooth fillings. If your tooth is damaged or decayed, then fillings can be the perfect solution to protect the healthy area of the tooth to help you maintain long-term dental health.

Cavities Weaken Tooth Structure

When tooth decay occurs, the cavity has affected the inner structure of the tooth that shouldn’t normally be exposed to bacteria. As the inner area of the tooth is damaged, it can lead to pain and infection within the tooth.

Untreated cavities have a negative impact on the function of the tooth. Additionally, an untreated cavity can lead to a bigger infection and pain. Eventually, the infection might become so bad that tooth extraction is necessary.

Restoring the Function of the Tooth

The decayed part of the tooth can be removed with a drill. Then, it is important to fill in the space to maintain the right shape for the tooth. This filling is beneficial to limit the damage and decay that happens so that you can prevent additional problems in the future. The undamaged section of the tooth is protected by the dental filling.

Tooth fillings are beneficial because they restore the original function of the tooth. By filling in the gaps and shaping the tooth in a natural way, you will have the ability the chew and bite with that tooth. Normal function is important so that you can maintain regular daily activities without disruption from dental problems.

High-quality fillings are durable and long lasting. But, there are times when a filling might need to be replaced. If you have old fillings in your mouth, then you might find it necessary to replace those fillings because they break or crack.

Are Dental Fillings Right for You?

Before a dental filling treatment, your dentist will assess your dental health and determine if that is the right treatment for your situation. In some circumstances, it might be better to choose a dental crown instead. If a large portion of the tooth has been damaged, then a crown is a great way to restore the structure of the tooth. Your dentist can make recommendations about dental fillings or other alternatives that you should consider.

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